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Stay This Christmas Chosen for Airplay on Women of Substance Radio!

Listen to Cara's live interview on Chicago's Fearless Radio!

We couldn't wait to ask Samantha about this "soulfup pop" collection...

"If only all of us could master something as quickly as one Cara Samantha seemingly has – the NYC-based artist is crafting songs that sound like they’ve been produced by a veteran on an ultra-competitive scene – not a songstress who just began pursuing a singer/songwriter career last year!" 


Cara Samantha outshines her American Idol competitors with her new EP

"(Cara) Samantha has been compared with Sara Bareilles and Norah Jones, but the bottom line is that this lady can sing! Her four-song EP reflects her talent and gives us a taste of what is yet to come.  Unlike some other debuts I have heard, this artist has definitely hit the ground running with an EP that is truly radio ready." 


Profiled Artist: Cara Samantha

"Singer and song writer Cara Samantha hails from New York City, a city that births artists full of creativity and passion. I’m sure my hometown is honored to say that Cara is one of those births. Cara is said to be the love child of Sara Bareilles, Norah Jones and Carole King – and with good reason. Her voice is powerful and fun and her songs have a spark to them that make your heart instantly feel a little happier."


Cara Samantha Records An EP!

Cara successfully raises over $5,000 in just two weeks. She credits her backers...Marc Gross , Xavier Cano, Alan M. Gross, David Ganon, Adam Shenk, Ruark Downey, Tom Grant, Eli Bolin, Mario Caliguiri, Jonathan White, Emily and Carey “Mac” McIntyre, Shaira Nanwani, Ben Bartolone, Sarah Ross Benjamin, Scott, Maureen, Sydney, George and Julianna Goldman, Craig Newman, Tricia Marie and Jimmy DePalma, Stefany Allongo, Cathy Cooksley, Paul Haasch, Susannah McCleod, Marty Thomas , Craig Simons, Russell Scherker, Lawrence Neals, Owen Miller, Stephanie Martinez, Kristina DePalma, Keith Phillips, Daniel Gago, Rob Schwemer, Brian Pullan, Chris Bebe, Amy Grady, Jon Peterson, Holly Williams, Raquel Grant, Andrew Weissman, Felicity Crew, Justin Mendoza, Chhavi and Shrey Kumar, Jillian Cepeda, Frances DiFranco, Nick Boddington, Emily Shaw Carter, Jenn Carmen, David and Colette Hirsh, Elizabeth Abrams, Alex Chesworth, Denise Winters, Charlotte Woods-Hill Cooksley, Jill, Andrew, Noah and Keaton Miller, Nicole Ryan, Eric “Goodchild” Diamond, Lisa Gallo, Lisa Lagravinese, Jamie Capasso, Brooke Mellett, Dominic and Grace Fallacaro, Randy Eng, Stephanie, John, Ryan and Owen Hopkins, Carole and Michael Scherker, Mitchell and Christine Scherker, Stephen Miranda and Amy Brown (The Brown Mirandas), Shannon Kortbek, Lisa, Mark, Gabrielle and Ava Schneider, Einhorn Family, Tom Marchioli, Priyank Patel, Giuliano Arana, Jared Jordan, Vincent and Kristen Ricciardi and more.


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